VeDeBo, bathrooms & tiles.


At Vedebo Bathrooms & Tiles everything revolves about you. For 30 years our family business profides the complete installation of bathrooms in a very professional way . A bathroom you have allways dreamt about.

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A visit by Vedebo is done by appointment. So all the time you need can be taken for your wishes and ideas to conjure a magnificent bathroom design 

The special feature of vedebo is that we have everything in hand. This site gives you an indication of what we are capable of. An indication of course, because there are many things possible at Vedebo

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Vedebo installs and provides exclusive tailormade ( gemstudio ) bathrooms. Your entire bathroom will be equipped. The quality of the walls, tiles and lighting are as important as the plumbing.
Design and quality, in any way. Showers, Hot Tub, Spa products, heaters and toilets, who sees the infinite possibilities of Vedebo will be convinced immediately.

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Vedebo can rightfully be called one of the finest and most complete plumbing installation company in Den Haag and environs. Besides a design Vedebo also provides the construction of your bathroom. Obviously, because VeDeBo likes to take everything off your hands.

Would you like the bathroom of your dreams?

Call VeDeBo and ask for an exploratory meeting.


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Tip: A bathroom is an investment for years. Therefore we take no chances. Not in the design, not to make the choices and not with the installation.  We prefer to work with all our professional installers, however we also can work with you to get started. For instance, you can do the demolition and we can take care of the installation. And if you are good with your hands, then of course we can only supply and deliver the materials.